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The Tuscany has many typical plates of the Italian kitchen and to Prato there are many Restaurants and Pizzerie in which it is possible to eat well. Also as far as the prices there are multiple possibilities. There are some restaurants specializes in the fish others to you in From Tuscany typical plates, but the Italian medium family in the weekend stretches to go in pizzeria where, with more economic prices, it eats itself is the peak that also meat and fish plates. Moreover pizzerie thin peaks and others in peaks are specialized in higher typical Neapolitans. Prato is known in Tuscany and in the world for the classics corners it invents to Prato give to you Antonio Mattei in 1800 and now made with many varying. Moreover la Schiacciata, la Mortadella di Prato e la Schiacciata con l'uva and many pasticcierie and immense furnaces with varying of Bread and cakies. For the first bread plates the minestra of bread o ribollita la panzanella e i potato tortellos. For the second plates the classic ones bisticks e la trippa.                
I cantucci dolci tipici con il Vin Santo

Some restaurants in Prato:

Restaurants and PizzeriePlacesPhoneSpecialityPrices
Il PiranaPrato057425746 Fishhigh
Il CaprioloPrato0574633650Fish and MeatHigh average
La buchina degli AngeliPrato0574442922Cucina Toscana e Pizzeriaaverage
Pizzeria Il SiparioPrato0574562282Pizzeriaaverage
Don ChisciottePrato057439023Pizzeriaaverage
Fancy KingPrato0574581343Ristorante Pizzeriaaverage
Le FontanellePrato0574622316Specialty fishlow average
La VerandaPrato057438235Specialities From Tuscany, Rome and Paiellaaverage
Lo scoglioPrato057422760Cucina Toscana,Pizzeriaaverage
Pizzeria Re NudoPrato057427720Pizzeria Spaghetteriaaverage

Il pulpito del duomo di Prato

Food we suggest:

Pizzeria to pieces Crazy PizzaPratoPizza to pieces
Forno StenoPratoCantucci typical cakies
Pizzeria to pieces Via Garibaldi 31PratoPizzeria to pieces
Chocolat Prato) Pastry shop and Chocolate factory
Pasticceria BettiPratoVarious Cakies
Gastronomia TempestiniPratoPrato's typical food tipici Pratesi
La Buchina degli angeliPratoPizza thin
Il siparioPratoPizza hight typical of Naples

Antico Biscottificio Mattei

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