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  La Chiesa S.Maria delle carceri

The house is situated in a small quiet road close the railway station of Prato Serraglio in the historical Center of Prato. This allows of being able to visit the city of Prato, Florence and all the Tuscany comfortably and conveniently for those who wants to use the train mostly. (Considering that car parking in Florence Station costs 3 euro per hour) In center of Prato and in all the main cities of the Tuscany car parking cost goes from 1 euro per hour and up). In Via Bixio and the nearest roads there are many parkings free.The house is vey comfortable also for old people because it is gound floor. The new kitchen is supplied with dishwasher.The house has got a heating gas system with a watch-thermostat that able to settle the temperture. The nearness with the two main motorways allows to reach us easily with the car following the instruction on pag.3. Moreover the main tourist cities of the center and north of Italy can be comfortably visited. Staing in a house permit to know better the lifestyle and the customs of the place that is visited. For a family it is a hpliday at a cheaoer price in comparison to a hotel. Many shops are near via Bixio. The house has been recently renewed and part of the forniture is new.      

Piazza mercatale agli inizi del 1900

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