Trips and Excursions

    Intersting places to visit in the historical center of Prato
  1. The Dome of Prato;
  2. The Castle of the Emperor;
  3. The Cassero;
  4. The museum of the Woven one;
  5. The walk in center;
    Prato outside from the old ones walls and near countries
  1. The center of Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci;
  2. The Center Trades Them I GIGLI;
  3. The Museum of Planetary Sciences;
  4. The Villa Medicea of Poggio a Caiano;
    Suggested itinerary for one day trip with the car or train:
  1. Firenze;
  2. Pistoia
  3. Arezzo
  4. Siena,San Gimignano e Monteriggioni;
  5. Pisa e Versilia;
  6. Venezia;
  7. Roma;
  8. Lucca;
  9. Livorno;

    Intersting places to visit in the historical center of Prato:

  1. The Dome of Prato. Is the place that it accommodates the "Sacred Belt of the Madonna". In order to make to see this in the Middle Ages it was made to erect a pulpit made from Donatello. This comes made to see for Born them, Passover, 1 May, 15 August and the 8 September festivity of the city and day that is been born Maria. Many fresco of the rinascimento bring back the history dela Sacred Cintola, the belt that Saint Tommaso received from the Vergine during the Ascension; the reliquia it would be reached Prato in the 1141 capacity from Travelling Michele Pratese.

  2. The Castle of the Emperor. Constructed in the 1200 from the emperor Federico II Barbarossa saying. The castle is work of Riccardo architect from Lentini, ' magister' R-at the head of made laborers to reach purposely from the Puglia, and was erected on the land that already accommodated one smaller fortification, donated to the emperor from one pratese Ghibelline family. To notice also as accurate it has been the study for the positioning of the embrasures, to the aim to concur it is the shooting ' of faccia' that that one ' fiancheggiante'. The image of the castle in its entirety turns out to be one perfect fusion between the shape and the military function. The inside is in practical empty, without no trace [ if not for some capitelli carved on the walls ] of, incompiuti, buildings it originates them [ plans in order to develop on two resisted plans semicolumns to you and to be the disposed center of the Imperial Vicario in Tuscany ], like classic solution in the Frederic the Great geometric architecture, on four symmetrical wings to the courtyard. To these buildings the openings refer [ that from the first moment they can seem embrasures but in more suitable truths to give light that to present military scopes ] in curtains building. The inside however was occupied from temporary structures in wood and masonry apt to accommodate the garrison. Until the recent restorations, 1975, the inside was occupied from modern constructions, the castle was in fact for along time used after jail. Also along them it walls external were leans some buildings to you, fortunately today completely removed [ we can still notice of the traces on the main forehead to the left of the income ].

  3. Il Cassero medievale. In the 1300 Republic of Florence it made to construct a fortified Communication trench that it allowed to catch up the inteno of the castle without being seen and it was composed from two communication trenches one to open sky and one hidden.
    What is the Cassero ? The Cassero, from little time reopened to the public one after taken care of a restoration, is a fortified sopraelevato communication trench to which it is approached from Piave tree-lined avenue, in practical of forehead to the door it orients them of the Svevo castle, and give via Pomeria, from the Fiorentina door of it walls medieval. Its construction was intentional from the fiorentini in 1351, after the subjugation of the Common one of Prato in order to allow the soldiers to defense of the city to catch up directly from it walls the castle and viceversa. The inner corridor of the Cassero [ the ' Runner of the Cassero' ], with time to botte and a long series of windows to lunetta alternated to small rectangular windows that light gives to the passage, end from its recent reopening to the public, has become also center for interesting extensions. From the Fiorentina door, that it was in practical one small fortress to ridosso of walls, it is possible to approach also the advanced, uncovered communication trench and crowned on both sides from merlatura guelfa, from which an optimal view is enjoyed on the castle and the pratese skyline.

  4. The museum of the Woven one;:

    Since the Prato Middle Ages has been characterized from activity weaves them and the wool cloth production that it has characterized the increase of the city through the centuries. caratterizzato la crescita della cittą attraverso i secoli. Currently Prato is one of the districts weaves them more important of Europe.The center of the museum is in a nineteenth-century building within them walls medieval center from 1863 of an ancient factory weaves them. The museum has an historical part that ago to see the evolution of woven and the machinery and a contemporary part.

  5. The walk in center: The walk in center for storees is a tradition that nei weekend the prate citizens honor from Always. The walk leaves from public square of the Dome towards public square of the Common one meeting boutique and bookcases. In public square of the common one there are various bars and Coffee to right the biscottificio Mattei and Saint public square Francisco. Turning to right for public square of the Jails there are gelaterie and other storees. From one always turns them to right towards Via Garibaldi. Then still to right in order to return in Public square of the Dome. In this square there are many storees pizzerie bars and of the pratese tradition.
    Prato outside from the old ones walls and near countries:
  1. The center of Contemporary Art Luigi Pecci . Is situated to little steps from the center historical, near the Highway Escape of Prato East . Museale complex, comprising the Museum of contemporary art, the visual center of information and documentazione/arti, the department education and the section events, are constituted from know them espositive, from several spaces for exposures collaterals, the didactic laboratories us, the information center and documentation with the specialized library, the bookcase, the auditorium, the room conferences, the bar ristoro, the theatre to the open, the garden for the sculptures and knows it it espositiva of the permanent Collection.

  2. The Commercial Center I Gigli. It tos be distant approximately 10 minuteren of car. The commercial center I GIGLI it is found in the Common one of Bisenzio Fields, citizen of the northern Tuscany, in province of Florence, to approximately half road between the Capoluogo and Prato. Inaugurated in the May of 1997 and visited from nearly 100 million persons, the Center the GIGLI has been asserted like largest and innovative pole trades them and of the free time, confrontabile with the truth of the Great Organized Distribution to world-wide level. E' between most large of the Tuscany. There are many storees of all the fields and an immense supermarket. It has a great immense parking and is heated the raffrescato winter and in summer.

  3. The Museum of Planetary Sciences It tos be distant approximately 10 minuteren of car. The center has been inaugurated 19 March 2005 and is the first onemuseo di scienze planetarie in Italy. The museum altogether contains a width and rich collection of minerals and meteorites (approximately 4500 champions). One of the champions more important is one metallic meteorite of 272 kg (Nantan), the greatest existing meteorite in Italy. Between minerals, instead, the piece strongly of the Museum is a champion of brasilianite thought from many the beautifulst experts copy than this mineral species to world-wide level.

  4. The Villa Medicea of Poggio a Caiano It tos be distant approximately 15 minuteren of car. Lorenzo the Magnificent one was the committente of the villa, that it came built up on plan of Giuliano from Sangallo to the slopes of the Albano mount, in beautifulst position, to the inside of one immense agricultural property, mail between Florence, Prato and Pistoia. The villa, high on a porch, opened on every side towards the garden and the surrounding landscape, rispecchia the humanistic tendencies of the architecture inspired to the ancient one. Construction, begun around al 1485, remained interrupted alla died of happened Lorenzo nel 1492. The jobs resumed for will of Pope Leone X, son of Lorenzo, and came complete to you in the second half of the 1500's. The hall, saying of Lion X, splendidly is decorated with frescoes allegorical, celebrated you of the family Medical, executes from Andrea of the Taylor, Pontormo, Franciabigio, Alexander Bay. From june 2007, in according to plan of the villa, the Museum of the Died Nature is prepared, in which they are exposed approximately 200 coming from paintings from the medicee collections.
    Suggested itinerary for one day trip with the car or train:

      1) Visit to Florence (Florence 30 minuteren of car) Interesting things to see:
    1. Duomo e Battistero
    2. Palazzo Vecchio
    3. Piazza Signoria;
    4. Museo dell'Opera del Duomo a
    5. Galleria degli Uffizi;
    6. Ponte Vecchio;
    7. Lungarni
    8. Fortezza da Basso;
    9. Piazzale Michelangelo;
    10. Museo di Santa Maria Novella;
    11. Basilica di Santa Maria Novella;
    12. Piazza di Santa Maria Novella
    13. Piazza e Mercatino di San Lorenzo;
    14. Giardino di Boboli;
    15. Museo Archeologico;
    16. Corridoio Vasariano;
    17. Basilica di Santa Croce;
    18. Museo Zoologico La Specola;
    19. Palazzo Pitti;
    20. Forte di Belvedere;
    21. Fortezza da Basso;
    22. Loggia del Porcellino
    23. Museo del Bargello;
    24. Parco delle Cascine;
    25. Chiesa di Santo Spirito;
    26. Spedale degli Innocenti;
    27. Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine;
    28. Palazzo Ruccellai
    29. Museo Stibbert
    30. Museo scienza e tecnica;

      2) Visit to Pistoia (Pistoia to 20 minuteren of car) Interesting things to see:
    1. Cattedrale di San Zeno
    2. Palazzo Comunale
    3. Palazzo del Podestą
    4. Battistero;
    5. Piazza della Sala;
    6. Via degli Orafi;
    7. The larger ZOO of the Tuscany;
    8. Collodi. The house of the burattino more famous of the world;
    9. Vinci House born them and museum of Leonardo;
    10. Montecatini Citta Termale;

      3) Visit to Arezzo to 1,50 hours of car) Interesting things to see: (1 ora )
    1. Chiesa di San Francesco;
    2. Chiesa di Badia;
    3. Pieve S,Maria e Torre Campanaria;
    4. Piazza Grande
    5. Castello di Poppi;
    6. Palazzo del tribunale
    7. Il Duomo;
    8. Museo diocesano;
    9. Casa Vasari;
    10. Museo d'Arte Medievale e Moderna;
    11. Museo Archeologico Mecenate;
    12. Monte San Savino Citta medievale;
    13. Gargonza Borgo Medievale;
    14. Cortona;

      4)Siena, San Gimignano e Monteriggioni. (1,5 hours of car) Interesting things to see
    1. Piazza del campo
    2. Palazzo Pubblico e Museo Civico
    3. Santa Regina Castello quattro torri;
    4. Gaiole in chianti Castello di Brolio;
    5. Logge del Papa
    6. Piazza del Duomo
    7. Palazzo Arcivescovile;
    8. Museo dell'Opera Matropolitana;
    9. Palazzo Piccolomini
    10. Fontana di Frontebranda;
    11. Palazzo Salimbeni;
    12. Pinacoteca Nazionale;
    13. Palazzo Tolomei
    14. Palazzo delle Papesse;
    15. Monteriggioni;
    16. San Gimignano tutta la citta medievale;
    17. San Gimignano Museo civico e Torre Grossa;
    18. Montepulciano;

      5) Visita a Pisa e Versilia (1 hour of car) Interesting things to see
    1. Torre di Pisa;
    2. Piazza dei Miracoli;
    3. Piazza dei Cavalieri;
    4. Museo del Duomo;
    5. Chiesa dei Cavalieri di Santo Stefano;
    6. Chiesa di San Rocco;
    7. Viareggio Passeggiata Lungomare,(solo in estate)
    8. Lido di Camaiore (Passeggiata Lungomare in estate)
    9. Forte dei Marmi.

      6) Visit to Venice in train (2 hours Eurostar Train) Interesting things to see
    1. Departure hours 07,00 in train gives Prato Centrale. (Parking car gratis behind the station)
    2. Arrivo alla stazione ferroviaria di Venezia ore 9,00
    3. To take Vaporetto line 1 that goes in in Piazza San Marco.
    4. It is covered with the Vaporetto all theCanal Grande.
    5. Piazza San Marco
    6. Campanile
    7. Basilica San Marco
    8. It is returned to the Railway station on foot passing for all the alleys and the bridges of Venice Bridge of Rialto
    9. Ponte di Rialto
    10. It is taken il the train in 2 hours of Eurostar train we are to Prato

      7) Visit to Rome in trein (2 hours Eurostar Train)
    1. Departure hours 07,00 from Prato Centers them arrival hours 9,00 to Rome.
    2. To Stazione"Termini" to make subscription for Metro e bus(one day 4 euro)
    3. Piazza di Spagna
    4. Via Condotti
    5. Via del Corso
    6. Il Palazzo dellaCamera dei Deputati
    7. Palazzo Chigi
    8. Museo di Castel Sant'Angelo
    9. Isola Tiberina
    10. Fontana di Trevi
    11. Quirinale
    12. Porta Portese
    13. Campidoglio
    14. Gita sul Tevere in battello
    15. Il Vittoriano o Altare della Patria
    16. Via dei Fori Imperiali
    17. Bocca della veritą
    18. Colosseo
    19. Piazza del Popolo
    20. Galleria Alberto Sordi
    21. Palazzo Madama
    22. Piazza Navona
    23. Vaticano Basilica
    24. Via della Conciliazione
    25. Vaticano Musei
    26. Departure hours 21 with Eurostar train arrival to Prato hours 23,00

      8) Visit to Lucca.(40 minuteren of car) Interesting things to see
    1. Le mura del 1600 intorno alla cittą.
    2. Chiesa San Michele In foro;
    3. Le Grotta del Vento;
    4. Cattedrale di San Martino.
    5. Basilica di San Frediano
    6. Palazzo Ducale.
    7. Villa Mansi
    8. Villa di Camigliano;
    9. Ponte del Diavolo;
    10. Torre delle ore;
    11. Palazzo Guinigi
    12. Museo Orifizio della zecca di Lucca;
    13. Museo complesso monumentale della Cattedrale;
    14. Museo Casa Natale di Giacomo Puccini;
    15. Museo Casa Puccini a Celle di Puccini;

      8) Visit to Livorno.(1 hour of car) Interesting things to see
    1. Fortezza Vecchia.
    2. Fortezza Nuova;
    3. Quartiere La Nuova Venezia.
    4. Chiesa di santa Caterina;
    5. Piazza Grande;
    6. Monumento ai Quattro Mori;
    7. Duomo
    8. Porta San Marco
    9. Villa Mimbelli(Museo Civico Fattori);
    10. Necropoli Etrusca nel Golfo di Baratti;
    11. Isola D'Elba;


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